Tool Data

Manufacturing Steps: #1. Bar stock ( M-2) cut to tool length #2. Oil washed & hand boxed #3. Drill point machined #4. Oil washed & hand boxed #5. Flute machined #6. Oil washed & boxed #7. Solvent washed #8. Heat treated ( mil-spec cert.) #9. Tool surface cleaning (blasting) #10. Centerless grinding #11. Anti-rust rinse #12. Tool stamping (logo) #13. Anti-rust dipped & dried #14. Tool relief grinding (sharpening) #15. Dried & hand boxed #16. Drill point grinding (sharpening) #17. Air cleaned & boxed #18. Tool inspection & hand packaging Material Data: ASTM M2 High Speed Steel "tungsten-molybdenum"Typical Composition C Mn Si Cr W Mo V 0.85 0.28 0.30 4.15 6.15 5.00 1.85Physical Properties Density: 0.294 lb/in3 (8138 kg/m3) Specific Gravity: 8.14 Modulus of Elasticity: 30x10 6th psi (207 GPa) Machinability: 50-60% of a 1% carbon steel

Return Policy

Returns for credit or replacement items may be granted from purchase order errors in the number of items ordered and or incorrect part numbers ordered and for items that were paid for in full and or that were lost in insured transit in a single purchase order or shipment for 60 days from our shipping date... Otherwise, no returns, refunds on paid shipped orders. No returns due to over ordering or over stocking. No returns on private labeled tools. Everything was made to order. All sales are final...

Patent Docs.

U.S Patent #. 3,701,188